Contact information of different DPD departments.

  1. Introduction

    Below you’ll find contact information of different departments at DPD. This helps you to find the right contact for your subject.

  2. Customer IT

    You can contact Customer IT for all questions related to:

    • DPD Shipper labeltools (Shipper Central, Local and Webservices)

    Contact Details
    Most of the information about the DPD Shipper labeltools can be found on this website. Find the information about your labeltool via
    For more general information suitable for all solutions, have a look at:

    If this website didn’t answer your question, you can contact us in the following ways:
         Case Intake Formulier

  3. Plugins / DPD Connect eCom

    You can contact X-Interactive for all questions related to:

    • Plugins (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce,
    • DPD Connect eCom

    Contact Details – X-Interactive

  4. Customer Service

    You can contact Customer Service for all questions related to:

    • Tracking of parcels
    • Address issues of parcels / Parcel exceptions
    • Questions about Collection Requests

    Contact Details

  5. Sales Support

    You can contact Sales Support for all questions related to:

    • New parcel ranges
    • Rates and surcharges
    • Products, options and services
    • Possible destinations
    • Pick-up procedures
    • Terms and conditions
    • Request copy invoices

    Contact Details – Sales Support Noord

    Contact Details – Sales Support West

    Contact Details – Sales Support Zuid

    Contact Details – Direct Sales

  6. Transport Planning

    You can contact Transport Planning for all questions related to (Mo to Fri 08:30-17:30):

    • Pick-up of your packages
    • Driver related information
    • Transport related information

    Contact Details
    DPD Central Planning

    Transport Planning Amsterdam (Vijfhuizen)
    Depotcode: 0516

    Transport Planning Beverwijk
    Depotcode: 0517

    Transport Planning Etten-Leur
    Depotcode: 0525

    Transport Planning Goes
    Depotcode: 0529

    Transport Planning Joure
    Depotcode: 0515

    Transport Planning Maastricht
    Monday to Saturday 06:00-20:00
    Depotcode: 0523

    Transport Planning Meppel
    Depotcode: 0513

    Transport Planning Oirschot
    Depotcode: 0522

    Transport Planning Rijssen
    Depotcode: 0512

    Transport Planning Rotterdam (Berkel & Rodenrijs)
    Depotcode: 0521  (0519 – 2nd wave)

    Transport Planning Tynaarlo
    Depotcode: 0514

    Transport Planning Veenendaal
    Depotcode: 0511

  7. Finance

    You can contact Finance for all questions related to:

    • Outstanding invoices
    • Collected amounts
    • Paid credit notes

    Contact Details

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