Local Windows application/service with a browser based UI for all DPD shipments with a shared customer responsibility for correct use.

Getting Started

Find all the information to get started with DPD Shipper Local.

Installation and Setup

Installation and setup of Shipper Local.

Shipment Creation

Create shipment labels for any kind of service.

Collection Request

Create an order for a driver to go pick up a parcel at a third location and let it be deliverd to a place of your choice.

Pickup Request

Ordering a driver to come pick up your prepared parcels at your pickup address.  

End-of-Day lists & Data transmission

Data connection and shipment lists are key to operational success

Address Book

Manage, create, import and export recipients easily.

Automatic Importing, Printing and Exporting

DPD Shipper enables you to import shipments, collection requests and receivers.


Options and Settings


Preparing for a remote intervention if needed.