DPD NL offers multiple distinct tracking solutions.

  1. Introduction

    DPD NL offers multiple distinct tracking solutions:

    • myDPD
    • DPD Insights
    • Tracking via API

    Each tracking system can track shipments, regardless of the shipment tool used to create it’s label. As long as you are the account owner and the origin or destination of the shipment is The Netherlands, it’s lifecycle is retrievable via the above tools.

    Important notices:

    • It is only allowed to track parcel of which you as a customer are the sender or the recipient.
    • Any systematic non-account related bulk tracking for performance measuring or data harvesting is forbidden.
    • Any third party UX or performance tracking without explicit allowance from DPD NL is forbidden.
  2. myDPD

    Geopost offers a public website with parcel number tracking functionality for consignees called myDPD. It will offer a lifecycle overview of the parcel.

    Important notice:
    DPD public tracking URL’s are not Shipping Applications and do not reside under Customer IT Integration responsibility. It is listed here as an option for reference only. The websites are hosted, maintained and supported by Geopost. 

  3. DPD Insights

    With DPD Insights you have a complete overview of your current shipments and your shipping history. DPD Insights has various components. It contains all the information you need about your parcels. The information is always up-to-date.

    Advantages of DPD Insights:

    • See the expected delivery date of every parcel, which redirection has been given and by whom and download the recipient’s signature.
    • All your parcels with an unsuccesfull delivery. Send DPD new instructions to make a new delivery.
    • See all you parcels which have been returned to you.
    • How many parcels have you sent and how many of them have been delivered within the agreed deadline?
    • Your invoices in one overview.
    • You can add users for your DPD Insights as well as decide which of them may have access to the Finance page.

    More information can be found on https://www.dpd.com/nl/en/support/dpd-insights/.

    Support on DPD Insights can be found here (Dutch only)

  4. Shipper Webservice ParcelLifeCycle Service

    The DPD NL Webservice can also return parcel tracking status upon single request.

    The endpoint will return the current status and history in a fixed format which can be used to feed your internal systems.

    For more information, go to the ParcelLifeCycle Service page.

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