Why do I need to update to Shipper

In DPD Shipper Local version, ready for installation end of April, among other small updates, we enable the multiple parcel shipments for CR.
Also starting from version collection requests are handled via a new data format. This means that collection requests created on versions before Shipper cannot be executed.

How do I update to Shipper

If you are using DPD Shipper Central or DPD Shipper Webservices, you don’t have to do anything. We will update for you!
If you are using DPD Shipper Local, you can update manually to the new version.

In DPD Shipper Local and newer, you’ll get a pop-up on login with the newest version. You can install version from this modal.
In DPD Shipper Local and older, you won’t get a pop-up. Use the .exe file from this website to download and install version

I am updating from version 2.3.22 or 2.3.23, are there any risks?

We cannot always guarantee everything will work 100% when updating to new version on the environment owned by the customer (the user PC). But normally new DPD Shipper Local versions will perform all necessary database changes and we are not aware of any update related problems. All functionalities have been tested by our test team.

Do I need to make a backup before I update my version?

No, DPD Shipper Local will make database backup automatically (during the first DPD Shipper Local start after installation) by itself as a new ZIP file in the database folder. But to be 100% sure, we recommend creating manual database backup before installation in case of fail of the automatic backup for any reason (installing and running DPD Shipper Local on uncontrolled environment on Windows PC always has some risk).
So, we do advise to rename the ‘Shipper’ folder to ‘Shipper-backup’ before the install, so that you can replace the database after installation and no data is lost.

Good to know; you always can make a backup of DPD Shipper Local database by making a back-up via ‘Settings > Backup and Restore’.

Do I need to backup my address book and/or something else?

No, the DPD Shipper Local address book and all customer data is included in the database, so there is no need to backup any other files or folders. You will not lose any data.

However, if you want to make a backup of your data, you could easily make an export of your address book by using the ‘arrow-up icon’. Also have a look here.

Which steps do I need to follow for updating to version

See https://integrations.dpd.nl/dpd-shipper/dpd-shipper-local/installation-setup/.

Can DPD do the install for me?

No, DPD is not able to install a new version of DPD Shipper local on your PC.

Do I need to close DPD Shipper Local before installing the new version when using the .exe file?

Yes, we recommend closing DPD Shipper Local before the update. First download the .exe file, close the DPD Shipper local application and than run the execute file

If I use the .exe file, do I need to uninstall the old version first or isn’t that necessary?

No, the installer is designed to perform an update without uninstalling anything beforehand. We only recommend closing DPD Shipper Local before the update.

Do I need the activation code after the update to reactive my account?

No, after the installation, configurations will stay activated as before.