Shipper Webservice is the DPD NLofficial API and preferred integration method.

  1. Shipper Webservice

    Shipper Webservice is an API connection via WSDL in SOAP. The webservices are hosted in a private cloud and guarantee 99,95% uptime. They contain a login service, shipment service, parcelshopfinder service and parcellifecycle service.

    Response times allow for full automatic warehouse integration. By integrating to Shipper Webservice you accept the guidelines that come with it. Rate limiting is active to prevent other customers and you from destabilising the service by sending an overly amount of requests.

    Required: An ERP, WMS or other software which is capable of sending and receiving API calls and responses. A setup which allows you to print received Base64 PDF labels via your printer network. The integration and configuration is a customer effort.

    Suitable for: 50 – 200000 shipments per month


    • 99,95% uptime guarantee
    • Average response time for label creation = 600ms
    • Average response time for other endpoints = 1000ms
    • Monitoring can be done on
    • Real time Parcelshop queries, Real time tracking
    • Hosted and supported 24/7 via strict SLA
    • DPD NL CIT help to get you any feedback you need to optimise your requests
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