Manage, create, import and export recipients easily.

  1. Managing Recipients

    In the following screen you have a number of options:

    (1) Main options

    • List view
    • Grid display
    • Create a new recipient
    • Import recipients
    • Export recipients
    • Delete ALL recipients


    (2) Quick actions

    • Edit recipient
    • Create shipment for this recipient
    • Remove the recipient
  2. Creating a new recipient

    Click ‘add recipient’

    • Fill out the details
    • Fields marked with * are required
    • For NL ZIP-codes, use Capitals and no space e.g. “3344WE”
    • Maximum length of characters/numbers used in the fields are listed below:
    Name 35
    Name2 35
    Contact 35
    Street 35
    Street 35
    Building number 8
    ZIP-code 8
    City 35
    Reference 35
    Phone 25
    Fax 25
    E-mail 50
    Comment 70

  3. Import Addresses

    Importing addresses requires a suitable CSV import file (MS Excel) and a matching import profile.

    You can learn all about it at the Importing and Exporting help page

  4. Export and Backup your Address Book

    For various use and for safety reasons you might want to export your address book from time to time.

    1. Go to Recipients (address book) in the left menu
    2. Next, click on the Export all Recipients button in the top menu
    3. Finally, click on Export to CSV. Note: if you have a large address book or slow connection speed, this can take a while.
    4. This will generate a CSV file. It will normally automatically be saved in your ‘Downloads-folder’.
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Address Book

Unfortunately it cannot be restored if you didn’t create a back-up. If you’ve created a back-up, you can import the addresses again following the steps in the ‘Import Addresses‘ section.