Order a driver to come pick up your prepared parcels at your pickup address.

  1. Three ways to have a driver collect your parcels

    There are multiple ways to have your shipment-ready parcels picked up.

    You can either:

    1. Agree with your Sales representative, Support or Operational contact on daily or recurring fixed pickup windows. In this case you don’t need to submit a pickup assignment each time.
    2. Request a pickup order at the end of the day when all parcels have been prepared for next day shipping
    3. Request a pickup upon creating every single shipment (and continue doing so with each next shipment)


    • Do take into account that pickups are always carried out the next business day, so please enter your request for next day pickup by 23h30 latest.
    • You do have to request a pickup in some way if you want a driver to come over. Creating a shipment without an agreement to pick up the parcel or request to do so, will not result in a pickup. If you don’t request it, DPD will assume you will inject your parcels in the network at a parcelshop.
    • If you need to have over 30 parcels picked up or if the combined volume of your parcels exceeds the presumed capacity of the pickup vehicle, please do contact your operational depot to request for appropriate handling.
    • If the exact amount of parcels to be picked up is not the exact same amount as transmitted in the pickup request, than that is no critical issue. However we strongly advise for logistical planning reasons to give an accurate estimate.
  2. Manual Daily Pickup Request

    To request a pickup of parcels you just created, you need to create a pickup order.

    To do this you can click “Pickup orders” in the left pane.

    Then, create a new order (+) next to “one time pickup orders”.

    In the next screen you have the possibility to chose a pickup date and number of parcels.

    Attention! You can only request one pickup per date, so try to make sure you enter the right amount of parcels.


    If all information is entered, select “Continue” on the bottom of the page, and after verifying everything, click on “Save”.
    After saving the pickup order you will return to the overview of all your requests. The state indicates if the order is confirmed or not.

  3. In-Shipment Pickup Request

    You can also easily create a pickup request from within the shipment.

    Select ‘Request pickup’ and enter a date

    Your request will be transmitted in the same way as above, but only for the amount of parcels in the shipment.

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No, it isn’t. With a pickup request we’ll pick up a parcel at your pickup address to delivery it to the receiver. With a collection request, we’ll pick up a parcel on the address you want and deliver it back to you (or to another address).

There is probably a filter active on the pickup page. Click on the red X to remove all filters.

Normally this is between 9h and 17h, but you can always contact your responsible depot for a better estimate.

For information about the pick up of your parcels, please contact your responsible depot.

Please contact your responsible depot to discuss this matter.