Create an order for a driver to go pick up a parcel at a third location and let it be deliverd to a place of your choice.

  1. Collection Request

    A collection request is an ‘inverted’ shipment. You order a driver to go to a location (A) to collect the parcel. The parcel will be delivered to your address (B) or even to another address of your choice (C).

    How it works:

  2. Create a Collection Request

    To create a collection request, you create a shipment like you would do for a normal shipment. You now select the service ‘Collection Request’ in the ‘Base Data’ section.

    If you already filled in all the recipient details, it will automatically set it as ‘Collection Request Sender’. If you didn’t fill any details yet, you can now fill in the ‘Collection Request Sender’ details. If the parcel shouldn’t be delivered to your address, you deselect ‘Send to my pickup address’. You can now fill in the recipient details.

    Now choose a pickup date other than today. Daily cut-off time to save a collection request and process it next day is 15h00 CET.
    Weight is not mandatory for collection requests, since you can not weigh it yourself. An estimate is welcome.
    Tip! Including a phone number for the sender is always useful.

    After you have entered all details, click save and confirm.

    You don’t have to print a label for the collection request. It only requires a saved order to be processed. The driver will print out the label for you. He will place it on the parcel on collection.

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  3. Follow a Collection Request

    After saving the collection request, you will find it back in your shipment overview. When you select the collection request, you’ll find a ‘Customer Reference NR’. Clicking this reference will lead you to

    Tracking will be present once the collection request has been prepared. So please wait until the next day for tracking information (including parcel number) to show up. You will know the parcel label number of the shipment by clicking the order reference in Shipper the next day.

  4. Cancel a Collection Request

    You cannot cancel a collection request from DPD Shipper onwards. You need to contact the responsible depot to do so. Please include your account number, name, customer reference, collection request address, time and date of the order when doing so.

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Collection Request

No, it isn’t. With a pickup request we’ll pick up a parcel at your pickup address to delivery it to the receiver. With a collection request, we’ll pick up a parcel on the address you want and deliver it back to you (or to another address).