Find all the information to get started with DPD Shipper Local.

  1. Introduction

    Shipper Local (https://server:8080/) is a web based user interface that allows for label creation, return label creation, automatic shipment import, pickup assignment, collection request and keeping an address book. It allows to print labels via EPL, ZPL or PDF on A6 or A4.

    Hardware and software requirements: Windows setup, an internet connection on any device and (network) printer. Shipper Local cannot be installed on MacOS.

    • Windows Server 2012 (64 Bit) and higher or Windows 8.1 and higher. Including latest updates.
    • Intel Core i5 (equivalent or higher) with 1 GHz (or faster) x86-bit of x64-bit processor
    • 4GB DDR3 RAM or higher
    • 5GB hard disk (due to the size of the GeoRouting database)
    • 1024×768 screen resolution, Full HD recommended
    • Google Chrome (most recent), Mozilla Firefox (most recent), MS Windows Edge, Apple Safari 9,10
    • .NET Framework version 4.8.1 or higher

    Support requirements from customer end:

    • An internal (or external by SLA) IT responsible (department) who is intelligible on your ERP/WMS order processing, network, internet and printer setup.
    • Initial internal diagnosis of possible support causes before contacting our CIT department
    • Continuous validation of held-open data connections between your locally installed version of DPD Shipper and the central DPD servers (to guarantee order transmission, routing updates and configuration instructions)

    Suitable for: 400 – 15000 shipments per month

  2. Features


    • Same as Shipper Online, plus:
    • Automatically import your .csv shipment data from your own software
    • Print your parcel labels automatically to A6 label printers
    • Separate service for server or local installation
    • Multiple workstations can be used simultaneously on the same instance
  3. Log in to DPD Shipper Local

    You will receive your login name and password from the DPD NL IT Customer Integrations department.

    The default login name contains ‘admin@’ followed by your DelisID. The password is unique. You will be prompted to change it upon first login. Should you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password. If you forgot your username, reach out to us via the contact form.

    DPD Shipper Log In Page
    DPD Shipper Log In Page
  4. Multiple Pickup Addresses

    If you have multiple pickup addresses in one account or several accounts, you can log in and switch to another address or account without logging out first. If you have multiple users, you can limit the visible addresses/accounts for a specific user.

  5. Shipment Overview

    DPD Shipper Central only contains shipments created in DPD Shipper Central. This means that it does not contain an overview of the shipments created with other DPD Tools like DPD Shipper Webservice or DPD Shipper Local. To follow up on your delivery performance and get a tracking overview of all your DPD Shipper shipments, you can use DPD Insights.

  6. Expectations/Warning

    DPD Shipper Offline is a high maintenance tool which requires knowledge and responsibility from customer end. Updates, settings, firewalls etc. will keep on requiring attention from your end. Business continuity does not rely solely on DPD IT Support only (which is available on business hours).

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