Preparing for a remote intervention if needed.

  1. Troubleshooting

    In case of a malfunctioning of DPD Shipper Local, please verify first following items before contacting our support:

    • Are you currently running the latest version released by DPD NL?
      (latest version can be found here)
    • Is all communication granted to DPD Shipper Local its needs? (folder writing rights for export, firewalls, ports)
    • Is DPD Shipper Local able to sync? (sync settings menu)
    • Is the latest routing Database downloaded (check version of GeoRDB in Routing database menu)
    • Are your printers properly configured and able to print test pages?
    • Did you check the connection between server, workstation, printer and internet is working?
    • Did your internal IT department or IT partner perform a first diagnose?


    If yes, please

    • Install a Teamviewer client on the device where an intervention is needed
    • Backup your import profiles, address book, shipments, settings from the UI
    • Backup the files DB and DB.log in the Shipper installation folder
    • Make sure your internal IT department or IT partner is able to join the DPD IT colleague at intervention
    • Contact DPD Customer IT department via and you will be assisted and serviced remotely
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